Subway Calorie Calculator

Subway Calorie Calculator: Making Your Meal Choices Count

Subway Calorie Calculator

Keeping Track of Calories at Subway

Dining out can make it tricky to watch your calorie intake. Luckily, Subway makes it easy with their customizable sandwiches and salads. Using their online subway calorie calculator, you can add up calories as you select each ingredient for your meal.

First, start with the base. Subway’s breads range from 170 to 260 calories per 6-inch sub. Hearty Multigrain is one of the lighter options at 170 calories. If you want to cut more carbs, order your sandwich as a salad or wrap instead.

Next, choose your protein. Grilled chicken breast packs a lean 110 calories, while steak ramps up to 210 calories per serving. Other options like roast beef, turkey, and ham fall in between at 150 calories or less. Adding veggies like spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions will maximize nutrition without spiking calories.

Don’t forget to account for cheese and sauce. They seem small but can add up fast. For example, tangy Buffalo sauce only adds 30 calories but creamy ranch costs you 140. Pick lighter cheeses like cheddar over provolone to shave off calories.

Finally, take your total using the subway sandwich calorie calculator. A 6-inch turkey sub on Multigrain bread with veggies and mustard might total under 400 calories. Or you could end up with over 700 calories if you choose steak, cheese, and sauce on Italian bread.

Making customizations is the beauty of Subway. You’re in control of each ingredient. Using their calorie calculator Subway gives you flexibility to build the sandwich you crave while keeping nutrition on track. If planning, you can calculate calories in Subway sandwich in advance and arrive knowing your calorie count.

So next time you’re in line at Subway, use their Subway nutrition calculator to feel good about what you’re fueling your body with. Being informed helps you balance enjoyment and health – because you deserve both!

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How accurate is the Subway calories calculator?

The calculator is based on Subway’s detailed nutrition data for all ingredients. As long as you accurately build your sandwich, the calorie count should be very precise.

What’s the easiest low-calorie sandwich to get at Subway?

A 6-inch turkey sub on 9-grain Wheat bread with veggies and mustard is a good low-calorie option at around 400 calories.

What are some high-calorie ingredients to avoid?

Cheese, sauces, and dressings like ranch add a lot of calories. Limiting these can help keep your meal lighter.

Can I use the calculator for salads, too?

Yes, the calculator works for all menu items, including salads. Just add each ingredient to get the total nutrition info.

Does the calculator have sodium amounts, too?

The calculator provides sodium content and full nutrition facts for your customized Subway order.

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